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The Embodied Dancer:
A Guide to Optimal Performance

This e-book, takes the reader on an exploratory journey through the key factors and concepts that lead to a healthy and fulfilling career as a dancer. Interactive features, such as videos and quizzes, allow the reader to engage with the content and to try out placement and exercises as they read along. Excellent resource for dancers and parents.

 iOS version 

kindle version

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Dancing Longer  Dancing Stronger

Based on the latest scientific research, Dancing Longer, Dancing Stronger offers a complete conditioning program to help dancers improve technique and lessen the danger of injury. By presenting general principles of injury prevention as well as specific exercises for increasing strength and flexibility, the book provides information that dancers of all ages and skill levels can use to improve performance. Common problems are discussed in a question and answer format. It also gives a thorough overview of anatomy and exercise physiology.


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