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Wellness Community

As a teacher of movement for over 20 years one of the most important lessons I have learned is there is no one way to do anything. I deeply respect multiple approaches to learning and working with the body, mind and spirit. My goal is for this page is to become a source of information regarding multiple modalities and individuals who promote wellness. I encourage everyone to take ownership of their own journey and find what pathway works best for you.

Wellness Community: News

Nasira Burkholder-Cooley, DrPH, RDN, BFA and Moira Docherty, PT, DPT, BFA have created and are the perfect combination of nutritionist and physical therapist. They work with multiple populations but have a soft spot for artists.

Our goal is to empower the dance community by providing helpful tips and resources to optimize health, improve function, and ultimately extend one’s career. Pursuing a successful dance profession should not inflict chronic pain, perpetual stress, or diet confusion. The competition and politics of the dance world can be discouraging, but with realistic and intelligent strategies to address your challenges, you can thrive as a dancer! Health en Pointe provides evidence-based information on injury prevention, nutrition, and wellness for current and former dancers. We hope you find Health en Pointe to be an integral resource and become a better dancer because of it. 

OCFeldenkrais by Darcia Dexter. Feldenkrais work is a beautiful compliment to Structural Integration as this gentle work helps the body rediscover its movement possiblities.

Discover new ways of moving and thinking that cultivate your optimal health and creative potential. Just like the trends of doing crossword puzzles or coloring can enhance the brain/body connection, learning to make the simplest things like bending and reaching easier will make life more fun and inspiring. You can experience Feldenkrais individually, in weekly classes and/or specialized workshops.

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